I’m thrilled to bring you pictures of Lindsey and Mike Davenport’s basement.  This was a fun project to work on.  I met the couple and could tell they were going to be fun from the get go.  They like to throw a party and were looking for another entertaining space.  What was really great about this project is that I took some inspirational pictures I found while at Barnes and Noble one night and then adjusted it in my head and they trusted me enough to move forward with just my promise that it was going to be cool.

Greg Clayton was the contractor on the project and I could tell he doubted me several times, but I knew with his craftsmanship and my vision we would do something amazing, and…. success!  There were a couple of different areas that were addressed but today I’m going to showcase the media area.  

In there I created a floating bench.  It has under lighting that really highlights the fact it floats in the room.  We made a custom upholstered bench that goes up the wall with sconces that float on top.  And thank god the sconces are the most fantastic thing ever because the back order was RIDICULOUS!  Months later we ended up with a broken one.  It was a little bit of designer nightmare but the end result is worth it!  I’m guessing Mike and Lindsey had choice words about the sconces but they were always kind to my face which I always appreciate 🙂  I think we all agree they are perfect.  The entire bench was framed in marble tile.  It’s really cool.

That paired with a large sectional gave the room great seating.  A custom floating media console was created.  A large flat screen was fun and the perfect TV room was created!  I’m really quite happy with the results in case you can’t tell.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the kitchen area reveal.  Happy Tuesday! 

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