I love a good ceramic lamp.  It’s modern and traditional all at the same time.  Thanks to Tim Bergman I found a great company at High Point that has a ceramic lamp program where you get to pick from 35 great colors.  You can customize your base and get a lacquered shade.  It’s awesome.  So if you need a new lamp to freshen up your room give us a call.

This picture turned out better than mine :)

This picture turned out better than mine 🙂

For those of you following me, I’m really trying to post each day Monday – Friday but I took a break this last Friday and Monday.  I was in Minneapolis with Ellie for a volleyball tournament.  It was a long weekend but I had a lot of fun.  Went with some great moms and this group of girls are really amazing.  They are great volleyball players but more importantly they are kind.  So thanks Southwind for a great experience.

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