I consulted HGTV’s  Genevieve Gorder about your home and she said I nailed it.

How fun is this!  I met a Design goddess who is even thinner, taller and prettier in person.  It is unfortunate I had been traveling since 5 am that morning so my hair didn’t at least live up to potential.  She was even more personable in the flesh and I loved her outfit!  Inspired all around.


I have been walking the streets of High Point all day and have so much good product to share. It’s a little overwhelming.  I’ll find a piece for one client and then quickly see something for someone else.  I intended to email everyone tonight but the bus takes longer, then dinner, then before you know it mom’s sleeping and I’m uninspired to work.  But rest assured I saw great things and I’ll get them all out to you.


Tammy there was lots of good items.  Angela I determined the first rug we sourced is wrong for the dining room, I’m looking for something new tomorrow.  Kara I found some flat weaves that may work with what you already purchased.  Caylee I have art for the wood wall (I may try to talk you into) and maybe a entry console to discuss, and the lamp we are waiting on is totally worth it and I can’t wait to start your bedroom.  Amber, I have some fun bling products for you.  We are going to get your house sparkling.  Dani, the family hearth room fixture is worth it and that goes for you Angela and your island pendants and you Lindsay and your basement scones.  I’m so excited to share what I found and to bring you some of it on our new web store.  So stay tuned!

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