Happy Holidays!  We have had a whirlwind of a month.  We launched our new online store, I hosted Thanksgiving (My parents brought most of the food – but still), we have ton of really fun projects at Noble Designs, and now it’s time for Christmas!

We got a tree up this weekend which was no easy feat.  To the dismay of my son and nephews, no one was dismissed until the last ornament was up.  We made a time lapse of the decorating of the tree.  If you look closely you can see me fly through with the vacuum cleaner.  While I can’t imagine doing anything but a live tree I do hate the mess and this is always my attempt to contain the chaos of loose pine needles.  

We hit Lowes for the beautiful tree which we had to tie on the roof of our car by ourselves.  We had 3 doors tied shut before we really thought it through.  Luckily I am just limber enough to get in the back seat and crawl through the center console to get to the driver side.  I’m a little sore today but hard to tell from what.  So after a slow drive home where everyone hung to a piece of string we made it!  It’s a funny thing, I love to decorate but don’t care for holiday decorating.  Thanks to Ellie, Aaron, Drew, Sean and Vince we have a full decorated tree.  

Have you ever seen the Hallmark commerical where the mom tries to let the kids decorate the tree?  It’s awesome.  And while I think I’m pretty laid back about our tree I made the mistake of asking Drew what color ornaments to tie on the wreath.  I really didn’t want an answer but didn’t realize this until he gave the wrong one 🙂  Luckily he’s old enough just to make fun of me so no permanent damage done.

Now onto holiday shopping.  And have I got good stuff for you!  These S & B items are the perfect gift for the adult in your life that is hard to shop for.  So check out our holiday guide below.  As always remember free local pick up or flat rate $9 shipping.  Happy Holidays!

1. Decorative Green Ceramic Vase

2. Bright Plaid Wool Throw

3. When Life Gives You Lemons Print

4. Decorative Whale Tail

5. Clinch Book

6. Brass Bottle Opener

7. Spirits Decanter

8.  Vintage Rug

9. Iphone 7 Plus Phone Case

10. Things We Love by Kate Spade

11. Kansas City made Candle

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