About 2 weeks ago, I was part of a Kansas City Dinner with local designers and executives from Schumacher fabric and wall coverings. I was beyond excited to be included and here is my long winded recap.  I hope my words communicate my excitement sufficiently.  

I left early just in case I hit rush hour traffic.  I made it downtown in record timing of course.   I didn’t even hit the 75th Street back up which is unheard of, so I drove around until my gas light came on and I stopped in Brookside for gas. Panic set in.  I thought I had putzed too much and now I would be late. I arrived with 12 minutes to spare but couldn’t find downtown parking. Finally, I scored an easy street spot and almost ran in.  I was the first one there!

Sarah Henderson, our local sales representative extraordinaire,  greeted me and laughed when I jumped a little. No worries I held it together after that.  I met Benni Frowin, Schumacher’s president.  He is cute as a button with a slight accent.  Looks young and was delightful to chat with.  

Next was Dara Caponigro, Creative director for Schumacher.  I think the lights in the room flickered a little when she came in.  We were introduced and she immediately said she liked my skirt so mission accomplished on that front.  By now others were coming in so there was a little small talk.  Sarah suggested we have our books signed now so we wouldn’t forget.  Sarah had 3 copies of “The Authentics” she was going to have signed to give away and then mine.  Score one for me for bringing my own copy.  I was then able to share it with everyone and we all swooned over the beautiful book.

I talked to Dara with a small group of designers.  I, of course, brought up my trip to NY and my hope for my daughter Ellie to consider Parsons.  She said she understood NY can be overwhelming but they could do an intern for Ellie.  I, like a hungry cougar, jumped all over it and told her she may regret saying it because I was going to take her up on it.  The other designers and I joked we would like the intern.  (I may not have been joking.) 🙂

I got to talk to Benni about business.  They have a loft without offices and he uses his Beat head phones a lot.  I may need to invest a pair myself.  He clarified they have 3 meeting rooms they can book for quiet spaces.  He offered up a tour anytime we were in NY.  I told him we have always loved Schumacher but you can see a marked and positive change with the marketing and monthly offerings, and I hoped their efforts were  resulting in sales. He said they are going gang busters.  Turns out I’m not the only one who uses Schumacher… 🙂

Then we were seated for dinner.  There were lovely name cards at each seat and I was next to one of my heroes, Dara. It was awesome.  She was as wonderful as I hoped.  She was kind, smart, remembered what others said around her at the table and used it as part of the conversation.  She took the good dinner guest to a whole new level.  Then for an extra bonus everyone there was great.  I sat next to Kat who is one of the owners of Nest.  Tiffany was from Wichita and was funny and smart.  Daniel from Trapp was the other one in talking distance and just his experience in Kanas City design was fascinating.  

I got lots of talk time with Dara.  I asked about her favorite job and she said I will tell you the worse which is always fun to hear.  Dara was down to earth and humble. Seemed interested in those around her.  The dinner itself was good. Salad was served in the gut of a full fish. The head came out and all, but other than that is was delicious.  It was served family style and I did not eat enough but no worries, I only had one Manhattan, and drank plenty of water.  With a stop at Price Chopper on the way home for ice cream I was good.

The dinner had been over for awhile when one guest said she should get home :).  Can you imagine wanting the night to end?   So then Dara stood up to start the exit.  I whipped out  our new brochure.   She was very kind and said it was beautiful and she would like to take it home to really look over it. Benni did the same.   

Sarah Henderson, of course, was a great cheerleader and excited to see what we had done.  

I got my whits about me and got one picture of myself with Benni and Dara.  I regret not getting a picture of the table or one with Sarah Henderson.  

Dara said again, I”m serious about the internship.  Let me give you my card.  And poof the night was over. It was just as good as I had hoped.  I don’t know if anything more will come of it but I feel positive about it and if nothing else, I had a lovely evening where I felt like I was part of Kansas City’s design scene.  We discussed having cocktails at the barn with other attendees so I’m excited to reach out to them.  Sarah Henderson curated a group of dynamic people. Success!  

Thank you for indulging me in this ridiculously long recount of the night.  Go Noble Designs! 

Shumacher stickers are always fun!


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One of our inspiration boards at the Barn!


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