Noble Designs is an award-winning, Kansas City area full-service design firm.


Our team of designers and decorators create traditional-styled homes with a fresh twist. We curate residential and commercial spaces located from north of the river to south Johnson County and everywhere in between. We are not limited to area projects and work with clients nationwide.

To date, Noble Designs has earned two Kansas City design awards and has been featured in a variety of shelter publications including a regular column for The Kansas City Star. Our success is a mix of hard work, customer service, the belief that positivity pays, and a fresh perspective that pushes our traditional clients out of their box.

Sara Noble

She is a Midwestern girl that followed her dad’s advice and got a finance degree, but eventually, her passion for interiors won out. Fifteen years ago, Sara Noble started Noble Designs with a vision for what the interior design experience should be. She went to a local holiday mart, sold five design jobs and Noble Designs was born.

Sara describes her style as simple but elegant, classic with a modern twist. She’s a little bit preppy, admires Kate Spade and Jackie Kennedy and wants that classic feel in the spaces she designs. She’s obsessed with gold and navy blue, loves fretwork, greek keys, polka dots and bows – but not all together!

Jessica Gordon
Senior Designer

Jessica was the first designer hired by Sara to join the growing design firm four years ago. Her background in art and event planning has been invaluable in her ability to turn drab decor into dreamy interiors for clients. Her eye for detail is her competitive edge! She knows just what is needed to complete any room and ties it all together.

Rachel Clement
Accounting Manager

Rachel is the rock that holds us together. She has been working with Sara almost from the beginning and knows the business better than anyone. She rises to any occasion, always pitching in where needed, and in the early days, steering the ship when Sara was busy designing. Now as the accounting manager, her finance background is invaluable to Noble Designs.

Amanda Gooding
Office Manager

Amanda is an office manager working in the background to keep projects on track. Clients love Amanda and are happy to communicate with her about their project status. She always has a smile and positive attitude even in the most stressful of situations!

Molly Kovarik

Molly is a designer that is not afraid to use color (in the most tasteful way!). With a quiet demeanor, a heart of gold, and impeccable style, she excels at reworking spaces to be more functional. Molly brings a high-level of expertise in kitchen and bath design through her degree specialty in that area. She has an incredible knack for pulling finishes together. Her choices in fabrics, tiles, counters, and more are classic but fresh. Just the way we like it.

Maureen Lindstrom

After running her own decorating company, Maureen was looking for a team to join and the opportunity to work on bigger projects. She joined Noble Designs in 2017 and has become the queen of balancing high and low end. Her style is grounded in classics which is a perfect fit for us. Maureen’s excellent client service means she is always aware of her client’s needs and caters to them, exceeding expectations. Like Sara, she is a fellow K-Stater – in Sara’s words, making her a good egg.

Marianne Mayer
Office Manager

Creativity and beautiful design need process. Enter Marianne. She is our full-time office manager and keeps this design firm working within the lines. Marianne’s background in process consulting is instrumental in making our workflow smooth and efficient for clients. Did we mention she is an awesome storyteller? Marianne is always making us laugh!

Top Dog

Oscar wants nothing more than to make your house his home. He knows how important it is to come home to a place and people you love. He loves long walks and all the treats.

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