I met Ashley Meehan when she chose Noble Designs to design her living room.  I discovered not only a wonderful woman, but someone who is putting her passion to work as a painter.  She uses vibrant colors and it is easy to fall in love with her creations.

I thought you might enjoy meeting another Kansas City artist.  Here is some of my interview with Ashley Meehan.

Sara:  Ashley, when did you realize you had a gift and who inspired it?

Ashley:  I have no doubt I was born  to create. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to color, design, texture and the combination of them all together. Through high school I immersed myself in all types of mediums and had teachers that nurtured my work and helped to cultivate a deeper love of art.That ultimately led me to a degree in graphic design from the University of Kansas. 

Out of school I was hired at Hallmark Cards and worked for ten years in the lettering department and as a senior greeting card designer. After the birth of my third child I decided to stay home full time. Being a creative person on a daily basis for that long and then staying at home as a full time mom was very challenging for me. The need to do something creative pulsed through me. I found creative outlets such as scrapbooking, making decorative cakes, cookies, and collaging but felt the pull of something more creatively. I never felt I was good enough to be a painter.

 It wasn’t until a difficult divorce that gave me the courage to start painting. It was like a rebirth that opened me up to explore who I was without being critical.  It wasn’t a dark time but rather a bursting of life in me. I didn’t find painting, painting found me. Since then I haven’t looked back! 

Sara: Do you have a favorite subject or color?

Ashley: Currently,  flowers seem to emerge in most of my paintings although I love breaking out of my comfort zone and paint more abstractly.

Sara: Buying art can be intimidating.  Do you have any suggestions for beginners?

Ashley: Buying art can be intimidating, My suggestion for those who want original art in their home is to start small.  My husband and I started collecting pieces from vacations that remind us of our trip. My hope is that when someone puts a painting of mine in their home that everyday when they look at it it makes them happy.

My focus isn’t selling but doing something that makes me feel alive, and painting does that for me. This is just the beginning of my journey as an artist, each painting teaches and challenges me to explore and develop my skills. I can’t wait to see where that path will take me!

Sara: Where can we find your art?

Ashley: I don’t have a website, although I’d love to someday to sell and promote my work.  Most of my work I sell through Facebook and Instagram through my posts, and people just contact me directly. @ameehan3 or ahutte3@gmail.com.

Ashley in her bouquet of flowers.

Different colors, shapes and sizes.

Flowers for Fun!

Abstract and adventurous!

Creativity abounds.

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