It’s a little late for a grateful blog but as I sit down to catch up and share my thoughts, I have found a theme!  And I guess, it is always good to be grateful.  I’m so grateful for my life.  Good things are coming our way and I want to share.

So in case you are new to Noble Designs, there’s a book!  The book is titled, Finding Fabulous. I have been working actively on it for about a year.  And then of course because I work best under deadlines it was a whirlwind at the end. 

I have so many people to thank.  Tina Wendling, my editor, kept it going and helped with my writing so in the end I feel like it still sounds like me, only better.  Laurie Kilgore, was the photographer extraordinaire.  Her patience with me as I ran to get last minute shots was amazing.  Convington Group was the best publisher.  And I had lots and lots of support as we launched the book.  It has been so fun.

If you missed the party don’t be sad you can still buy it!  Finding Fabulous is available on my website, and if you can do a local pick up I would love to sign it.  Amazon, local Hallmark Stores, Wilson Lighting, Randy Neal Floral Design are other places to pick up your copy.  

Just last week, Schumacher Fabrics featured my book on their style dispatch email.  A dream come true.  I can’t believe Schumacher Fabrics even knows Noble Designs so to have them feature me is unbelievable.  Don’t miss the picture of our book in this Month’s IN Kansas City magazine (page 126).  Another honor that means so much.

My partnership with Kohler plumbing continues.  In October I got to attend a special meeting in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Last week we had a conference call with all 14 designers.  It was a very productive meeting and it feels special to be a part of such an elite group.  I will have more to share about this partnership soon.

I also have an exciting new relationship with Wilson Lighting.  It’s still in early works so I don’t want to spoil anything but stay tuned!

We have lots of good magazine features coming along and we’ll be quick to share as they hit the press.  

Then as if this wasn’t enough Noble Designs is moving!!!!  It’s scary and exciting but we are in desperate need of more space.  To create a peaceful work environment and to be able to best serve our clients we needed a change.  And it’s coming fast.  Construction has started.  We can’t wait to see you in our new space at 123rd and State Line Road in the very near future.

So as you can see it’s been a good run lately.  I so appreciate your support and feel the love. 



A party I will never forget

I had friends and family working 🙂

Laurie the principal photographer taking a short break to enjoy her hard work

Some of the team!

Drinks, chocolate and books…what could be better!

The Kohler Showroom filled with so much inspiration!

Wilson Lighting and I have more to come!

And a fresh space for our ever developing firm!




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