I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kansas City artist, Dierk Van Keppel this week.  I am working on an artistic glass shelf for a condominium vestibule.  And since this is new to me I had to start some research.  This led to me Dierk Van Keppel.  I then scheduled a field trip to visit his warehouse. 

It was so much fun!  And the finds were amazing.  My head is spinning of what we can create with glass.  Dierk discovered his passion of glass blowing by taking an elective class as a college student at the University of Kansas.  His passion was ignited.

Besides the beautiful pieces, Dierk was a joy to meet.  He clearly loves his work and has a zeal about his art.  The creativity that comes from an artist that finds joy in their work is one my greatest inspirations.  I felt this same way when I was in New York meeting the fabric designers as they showed me their studios and collections of work. There is such magic in items made by artisans that pour their soul into their art.

So of course I want glass everywhere now :). Thank you Dierk for the tour and fantastic afternoon.  I look forward to working with you.

You can get his contact information and see more work at his website: 


A work in progress for a commissioned installation

Antique molds used for creating glass lights

Inside look of an antique mold

Children’s Mercy Installation

Glass boat

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