Clearly the Hampton Showcase House was a highlight for me.  I had too many pictures not to share more.  So here is still an edited portion of my favorites.  It was all well done and because I had the chance to hit the preview gala I got to meet a lot of the designers in the their rooms.  It’s hard not to fall in love with them and love their room even more.  I hope you enjoy my images.  For more information on the showcase house visit  

Yours Truly,


The classic white house fits the Hampton feel perfectly.

This art in the powder room was perfect!  I want my pair of my own lips!

The kitchen was beautiful and featured my favorite Kohler faucet, the Karbon.  Not only one but two.  Be still my heart.

The mix of styles with the dresser, chair, art and lamp made the room interesting.

I don’t think their was a bathroom I didn’t love.  This one was no exception.  Check out that wallpaper.

And more wallpaper!  Love the print, art and linens.

This bedroom was bright and fun. I would be happy to stay anytime.

The covered patio had a fun color scheme.

The basement was a great hangout space.

One of the basement bedrooms had the perfect amount of calm and glamour.

The other basement bedroom was done in colors that just made you smile.

The outside patio covered in rich colors and invited anyone to sit and stay.

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