High Point Highlights!

“High Point” as I called it is also known as “Market.” High Point, North Carolina, hosts the world’s largest collection of design manufacturers who bring their best of the best to display, inspire, teach, and ultimately sell their products to designers from around the world.

The entire Noble Designs design team, five of us total, arrived at “Market” ready to take it all in!

Right away we took in color!  We noticed blush as a popular colorway this year.  Green in all shades also stood out too.  Grey wood continued to be shown a lot, but I would caution you to use it sparingly. I still feel it’s a trend so a few pieces are great, but a house full of it will have you replacing it sooner than you need to.  Brass continued to be the metal of choice and not only warms a room, but my heart.  Bold wallpaper was a popular addition to room vignettes.  Highland House won as my favorite showroom but had many close behind.

There were lots of pros and few cons…

The Pros

  • Five women traveled together for the first time and not only survived, but we all had a good time!
  • We found AMAZING pieces for our clients and have many in mind for future use.
  • Inspiration was everywhere!
  • We connected with old friends, AJ Cosgrove (Barbara Cosgrove Lighting), Stacy Kunstel (Dunes and Duchess), Jill Waage (Traditional Home), Adam Japko (Esteem Media), and made many new connections.  I hugged Thom Felicia like we were old friends and he hugged me right back!  I stalked Jamie Drake again and had another lovely conversation with him.  We ran into Paloma Conteras again and was impressed with her kindness.  I met Justin, president of Neimann Weeks, and Brad an owner of Currey Lighting
  • We split and conquered as we all went to different continuing education sessions led by industry experts.

The Cons

  • The perfect round nightstand does not exist, but I’m still working on it!
  • We took our lives in our own hands as we drove with questionable Lyft and Uber drivers, while missing the Greensboro tornado.
  • Jessica’s wedges became a casulaty of market as they hit the trash can after a long day of scouting product topped with a night of dancing.
  • I had a very unfortunate incident at the hotel bar.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but as I making my graceful exit in my dress and heels I somehow got caught up in the barstool and took it down with me. I fell hard, in slow motion, to my back and then watched in horror as my right leg extended up over my head.  To top it off, chivalry is not dead, 4 men ran to assist me, adding to my complete embarrassment.  I can’t even blame alcohol for this one. 

So to recap my level of grace is decreasing, my belly laughing went up, and Noble Designs is ready to help you create or update your space!

The Kate Spade showroom with EJ Victor just makes me smile.

Lillian August – what should I brag about first, those chairs?  The coral and blue?  The table?  Or that Robert Abbey light?


Design Legacy always shows us fun color and pattern.


Gorgeous Green Velvet Couch – So much to see at Highland House.  There wasn’t a bad room there.

Wonderful color and unique lighting for Replacements LTD.  That place setting is killer.

A touch of blush!  Suzanne Kesler wowed us all with her “Paris Apartment” for Hickory Chair

Hues of blue – Baker did not disappoint again this year.

Noble Designs Design team at Lee Industries posing awkwardly with 2 unidentified sheep.  Seemed funny at the time but as I review seems like a misstep.  Oh well.










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