It all comes full circle.  Jen was the first person I met in Jr. High.  We had just moved to Topeka  from St. Louis.  I was an awkward, boney, zit faced, permed hair girl that was not happy about this move. Jen invited me to a Halloween party shortly after I moved where I won the costume contest and made a friend for life.
While our relationship changes at times, she is the person that is always logical and grounded and full of love for me.  So when she and her husband Scott wanted me to design their basement I was all in. Even better when they said, “Do what you do I trust you.”
I’m not sure Scott was sure about the black on the ceiling but will admit now it’s one of the coolest features.  Their support beams dictated the design of the bar which is a fun showcase as you walk into the space.  The reclaimed wood in the tray ceiling adds a fun touch and creates a distinct area for the dining space.  The oversized table is perfect for their large family gatherings.
The built in buffet not only holds all their glass wear but is a perfect spot for food buffets and built with the idea that crock pots would be used. Their super bowl party with an insane amount of friends, neighbors and kids proved the functionality.
Enjoy some of our pictures….

The long leather bench allows you to add “just one more!”


The black ceiling adds high contrast and makes the room more dramatic.

The black ceiling.  It offers a distinguished “vibe.”


These custom cabinets are gorgeous. The taupe color is stunning!


The Bar.



Lots of room for wine and beer!




Classy doesn’t stop at the powder room.


Never underestimate the power of hardware!


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