Giving Johnson County Dermatology a facelift was a great commercial design project. A commercial design project is always fun because it stretches me in new and different ways.  I get to design areas that just don’t exist in residential projects.  It was a pleasure helping with the new building and an honor to work with owners Dr. Tauscher and Dr. Kroh who I not only consider clients but friends.

Dr. Tauscher and Dr. Kroh purchased the area across from their then existing commercial space.  The new property was  gutted to the exterior walls, a blank slate.  We worked hard to make it suitable for a commercial use all the while creating the look of an upscale boutique.

We focused on a few glam pieces.  The lights steal the show, they were our splurge and worth it.  The crystal sputniks are dramatic and set the tone as you enter the building.

The front desk is one of my favorite details in this project. We used a mix of natural wood and brass that give the space a very updated look. We chose a soft color palate of butter yellow, grey and light blue.

Dr. Tauscher found a local artist and commissioned the art. Utilizing local Kansas locations the artwork feels modern but classic and is a nod to their roots.

We even had fun designing the commercial bathrooms. We used a large scale hex tile, black lights and blush walls. The combination is fabulous.

The best story I have for this commercial design space is one that I take great pride in.  My daughter came home from high school with her own Johnson County Dermatology story.  Her yearbook teacher had a student leaving class to go to a doctor’s appointment.  The student reported she had an appointment at the Johnson County Dermatology office.  The teacher exclaimed, “I go there too!  I LOVE the office.  I feel like I’m a star in Hollywood when I go!”.  The best part for me was when my daughter proudly announced to the two of them that I had done the design!  It is few and far between instances where this mom can impress her teenage daughter so I take this as the greatest compliment. Thank you Mr. Glenn.  Enjoy the pictures below.


So worth the splurge

The wood desk offers warmth and style

We love the classy brass detailing

Modern and warm

The boutique feel

The hexagon tiles make quite an impact

We love the art






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