It was a beautiful night in the Hamptons!  The 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse is open for business. And 3 generations of women from my family hiked our way up there for the preview party.  I have always wanted to go to the Hamptons.  I feel like it would be a good a fit for me:). So off we went.  But turns out we were just Kansas girls trying to get to the ball.  There is a bus that goes to the Hamptons from the city.  And with some good luck one of the few pick up points was 2 blocks from our hotel.  

We got all dressed up and worked our way to 59th street where we stood by ourselves for what seemed like a long time.  It finally warranted a call to the company.  The voice on the other end of the phone told me to hang tight he should be there.  Then “Dumb and Dumber” pulled up and started a concerning loading process.  The driver was mad at the car in front of him so came off all puffed up.  The “concierge” had a loosey- goosey process of confirming our reservation.  But we climbed aboard and were off!  

We were about 1.5 hours into the trip before I was pretty certain we were headed to our desired destination.  The bus driver, who seemed to struggle with a minor case of road rage, was released so we waited on the side of the street for driver number 2.  While the first driver entertained us with stories of his appendix surgery and infections. Excuse me while I lose my lunch.

At last we made it to Bridgehampton. Upon arriving, we saw a cab driver back into a parked Mustang but of course we jumped in excited to be making the last leg of the trip.  After a rather expensive cab ride we arrived at the party and were greeted by the nicest man who gladly took our picture.

Inside a beautiful house awaited.  I really thought everything was well done.  I have done one showcase house and I know how much work and expense goes into preparing a space so I have an even greater appreciation of the work showcased.

My favorites included the master bedroom suite done by Reine Cenac for Lee Industries. The room was well done and looked like a great retreat for the couple. The color pops of bright yellow made the room. 

Bedroom 2 by Mikel Welch Designs was another favorite.  It mixed rustic and contemporary in a way that made me want to stay. The ceiling mounted canopy around the bed added the drama.  Mikel himself was fun to talk to. He was humble and honest which made this room visit a true delight.

The terrace and covered patio was fun and bright.  It was created by mother daughter team – The Rinfret Group. The painted lantern was the perfect fixture for the space. The whole room made you smile. The basement  lounge by Laura Michaels Design was probably the most unique space.  She had “barstools” that hung from the ceiling like swings. They were adorned in leather fringe.  The entire room was sexy.  

After a full tour we hit the party.   Drinks were outside and goodies were carried around on silver trays.  Mom quickly grabbed one of the few tables and we had home base.  Then I was off.  So many fun people to meet and gab with while dragging my daughter Ellie with me along the way.  

Jill Waage with Traditional Home was there and kind as ever.  Her offer to show Ellie and I around the Des Moines offices will be gladly accepted.  Clara Haneberg also with Traditional Home is always fun to chat.  For a young lady, she is an impressive conversationalist.  Then Tori Mellott!  My Instagram girl crush!  She is funny and stylish and just as good in person!  Barclay Buttera was there as well and I had the chance to congratulate him on the living room he designed. An impressive, well licensed, designer, Bondi Coley from Lee Industries chatted with us and introduced us to Michelle Mancuso and her husband, owners of Samantha Drew.  They were beyond kind to both Ellie and me.  Jamie Drake got away from me before I could introduce Ellie but next time.

 It was a joy to be part of the design community and a reminder that it is a great group of people wether we are in the Midwest or the Hamptons, the kindness is a testament to humanity that is doing ok.

Hello Jill Waage! Your kindness is contagious! Thanks for hosting the party!


So excited to meet my Instagram crush, Tori Mellott

Barclay Buttera, a design legend!

Master Suite done by Reine Cenac for Lee Industries. Don’t you just love the yellow?!

Master Suite perfection!

The downstairs lounge by Laura Michaels Design was dramatic. It won for out of the box!

It’s party time!

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