So I am popping back in! I have so much to share and as I write this I am reminded that I have used that line before. I am notorious for having big plans to share everything and then either being crippled by lack of time, or a fear that it’s not perfect yet, or whatever, I just don’t. But I am committed to making this a priority. We have so many great things to share, I have to get it out there.

#1- Check our out new website! Novella Brandhouse rocks! I met Elizabeth and Clare at a business program and fell in love with them. I work a lot out of emotion so I quickly tried to hire them to help create a new website look. Turns out my love was real. I almost cried when they showed me the new design.  It is how I see our brand in my head but I couldn’t get it on the screen.

#2- And maybe, more importantly, we are growing! You have seen glimpses of photos of a larger staff but it’s time I formally introduce them. I am so grateful that one by one, a higher power perhaps, has brought such superstars into my life.

The greatest staff sharing some holiday cheer!


Houston project “Before”

Houston “In-progress”

#3- We continue to take our business nationally. I am more willing than ever to take on any national and international project as I LOVE to travel.

We are currently working on a Chicago kitchen and a new build in Raleigh, NC. The houses are amazing and I can’t wait to show you our finished projects.

Featured here are “before” and “in-progress” photos from a recent project in Houston. While I’m totally in love the with navy, I’m salivating over the painted concrete floor from Ann Sacks Tile.  Makes me want to go to Houston right now!


#4- I have traveled and taken so many pictures to share but have failed to do so.

Again, I wanted the perfectly written blog or impeccably cropped pictures, but no more. I am going to share!

#5- We have improved our processes.  Who knew my little company would grow like it has, but I am so excited. I am determined to get the procedures and equipment in order to make Noble Designs the best it can be to continue to be customer service focused. The business used to be reliant on my memory, which is good when there are fewer clients, but no one wants to put money on that working long term. So we implemented new software that not only does our accounting, but project management as well. Honestly, it was a bitch to implement, excuse my colorful verbiage, but it was true, as everyone on the staff will agree. In the long run it will be worth it.

#6- I don’t know, there is so much good happening I just can’t list it all. I am excited about where we are going and I promise to take you on the ride with us. So stay tuned…tell your friends, follow us on Instagram and share your thoughts with us. Now that I am embracing social media, I want to hear from you. Thank you for your continued support.

– Sara

Here is just one shot of so many great projects we have been working on. Can’t wait to bring you more.


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