I have so much good news to share. But to be honest and fair, there was a lot of crap mixed in with the good news. We have had too many deaths that hit close to home topped off with the passing of my grandfather. While I’m sad for me, I would like to think after 94 years he had a good run and is now dancing with Nana Gert again. Lord knows he kept us entertained until the end. So in a completely irrational moment, I went and bought a puppy. But again good news, so far it’s a blessing. Oscar keeps me entertained and the extra heartbeat has been good for all of us. I promise to work hard not to be the crazy woman with the hamster dog.

On to good news with Noble Designs. For starters, we have too many good projects to mention. It’s been so fun to be asked to work the projects we are currently engaged in. Jessica is working hard and has some amazing projects that will be ready to reveal soon.  I’m thrilled to have a ton of repeat clients back for more projects. There are very few things that please me more than someone reaching out to me after some time to start a new phase or project on their home. I have an amazing large remodel, a nursery, a new build, and condo lobby just to name a few.  And because I’m lucky this year. I adore all the clients which is what makes my job so fun.

Just to add the frosting to the cupcake, we are proud to be featured around town. Spaces Magazine noted our new online store. It was so cool to see our product there in their beautiful magazine. We have a new partnership with a digital magazine that will be announced next week. 435 Magazine is working on featuring McMonagle’s dining and living room. I can’t wait to share the final product in their April issue. The Kansas City Star featured me and focused on my newest obsession, pink. We had the most amazing photo shoot of a house that I can’t wait to show off. It’s coming to a magazine near you soon. We are hopping!

Finally, as if this isn’t exciting enough we are growing!  Rachel Pine joined us at the end of the last year as a designer. She brings a strong background in construction. Maureen Lindstrom joined us this week! Her positive attitude and eagerness to get started add to the fun in our barn. Her focus on interiors is a perfect mix for our group. So watch out for us. We are working to get our stuff out there and create something special for our clients. Happy Friday!

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